Fredrike BanninkBW
Bannink, Fredrike (Netherlands)
Clinical Psychologist, Master of Dispute Resolution
 Caroline Beumer
Beumer, Caroline (Netherlands)
Coach, counsellor
Bezuidenhout, Marianne (South Africa)
Teacher, educational consultant, researcher
Bijleveld, Boaz (Netherlands)
Educational Psychologist
Brink, Annaliese (South Africa)
Head master, schoolowner
 ursula buehlmannC

Buehlmann-Staehli, Ursula (Switserland)
Child- and youth psychiatrist, psychotherapist
Connie, Elliott (United States of America)
Psychotherapist, Director of the Connie Institute, Texas, USA.
Cook, Elaine (Canada)
(Sports)coach, counsellor, trainer
 Karin Engelen
Engelen, Karin (The Netherlands)
Remedial Teacher
Furman, Ben (Finland)
Psychiatrist, psychotherapist
PeterGotzscheLarge 2
Goetzsche, Peter (Denmark)
Professor of Clinical Research Design and Analysis, PhD., Medical Researcher, Master of Science in Biology and Chemistry, Physician, Director of the Nordic Cochrane Centre
Heuff, Roos (Netherlands)
Actress, Trainer, Owner of Trainersgroup "Wilde Kastanje"
Huibers, Arnoud (The Netherlands)
Psychologist, systemic psychotherapist, director of Solutions Centre
Ing, Lillian (Singapore)
Clinical Pychologist,
Iveson, Chris (Engeland)
Psychotherapist, owner of therapy practice
Janssen, Danny (Belgium)
Systemic psychotherapist
 ilse van kemenade
Kemenade, Ilse van (The Netherlands
Kortegaard, Lisbeth (Denmark)
Child- and Youth Psychiatrist
Langer, Stephen (United States of America)
Clinical Psychologist, Director of Northwest Brief Therapy Centre, SFBTA boardmember
 Roger Lowe AC
Lowe, Roger (Australia)
Psychologist, Master of Dispute Resolution
Måhlberg, Kerstin (Sweden)
Head Teacher, Special Pedagogue, Consultant
Mattelin, Els (Belgium)
Social Worker, Therapist
Roef Mensink (Netherlands)
Trainer and owner of Trainersgroup "Wilde Kastanje"
Meuwissen, Liesbeth (Netherlands)
Youth physician, researcher
Mueller, Jan (Germany)
Psychologist, counselor
Ncube, Thabisani (Zimbabwe)
Youth Coordinator Solution-Focused Approach for East and Souther Africa, Terre des Homme Schweiz
Panayotov, Plamen (Bulgaria)
Psychiatrist, Chief Physician Mental Health Clinic Rousse
Schuiling, Carolijn (Netherlands)
Youth physician, Researcher
Selekman, Matthew (United States of America)
Psychotherapist, Clinical Social worker, Director of Partners for Collaborative Solutions, Chicago USA
Sjöblom, Maud (Sweden)
Certified Special Educationalist, Trainer
Steiner, Therese (Switserland)
Child- en youth psychiatrist, psychotherapist
Sulkers, Eric (Netherlands)
Pediatrician, specialised in indocrinology, diabetes and child protection
Volckaert, Hannelore (Belgium)
Remedial Pedagogue, Therapist
Young, Sue (England)
Trainer, consultant
Zuiden, Claudia van (Scotland)
Trainer, Therapist, Director of Solution Ways, Scotland, UK.
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