Ben Furman, Psychiatrist, registered trainer-psychotherapist, teacher of solution-focused therapy, co-director of Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute Ltd. Approved Supervisor of the American Association of Marital and Family Therapy 1995-2000.

Ben founded The Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute, Ltd, together with his colleague Tapani Ahola in 1986. The institute provides professional training in solution-focused psychotherapy, coaching, supervision, and leadership. He has written over 20 books covering such varied topics as psychotherapy, leadership, management, coaching, work environment, resiliency, child therapy, family therapy and self-help. Over the years Ben has developed a number of solution-focused tools or methods that help people solve problems, overcome difficulties and make improvements in their life. The most well-known are Reteaming, Twin-Star, Cooperation and Kids' Skills.

Ben has been teaching solution-focused psychology for 30 years to a wide variety of audiences including mental health professionals, school teachers, medical staff, educators, managers, sports coaches, parents, white-collar as well as blue collar workers, and the entire staff of some businesses and organisations.

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